All Things That Fly Interview
I want to thank James and Chris for giving me the opportunity to be the featured guest on Episode 53 of the All Things That Fly PodCast Show. I had a lot of fun being on the show, and getting the opportunity to discuss all the great things that are coming from the Scorpion Company. As promised, I have put together this photo and video website to allow the listener to follow along during the interview, and be able to get a first hand look at all the topics that were discussed during the show. If you want to take time to watch any of the videos while you are listening, just pause the show while you watch the video, then resume the show once you are finished. If you click on any of the photos, a larger version will come up, and if you click on any of the video stills, the video will start up and play. I hope that you enjoy the information presented here, and find it to be informative! Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

Lucien Miller, Innov8tive Designs
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Extensive motor collection inside Georges' Office.
A working air-cooled V-8 motor.
A liquid-cooled V-6 marine motor.
A 2-cylinder Sterling motor.
Allthough it looks like a Buck Rogers ray-gun, this is a hot-air motor. What a work of art!
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A photo of me with Fion (center), the Scorpion shipping manager, and Ting, her assistant that handles my account.
Perry is Georges' assistant that handles the Motor and Speed Controller division of the Scorpion company.
A view of Hong Kong from the balcony outside Georges' office. The tall building is the hotel that I stayed at while in Hong Kong.
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Let's start by showing a few things and some of the people at the Scorpion offices in Hong Kong.
And now, the photos and videos that go along with the interview.
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A Scorpion 40mm Airplane Motor.
A Scorpion 22mm Helicopter Motor.
Nick Maxwell's flight video taken at the 2007 IRCHA Jamboree
Team Scorpion Sponsored Pilots: Bobby Watts (left), Nick Maxwell (center), and Kyle Stacy (right) at the 2007 i-Hobby Expo in Chicago.
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The whole family of S-Series Scorpion Airplane motors ranging in size from a 2205 up to a 5545.
Scorpion HK-3026 Series motor for the 500 class electric helicopters.
Scorpion HK-4035 Series motor for the 600 and 700 class electric helicopters
A prototype HK-4025 next to a production HK-4035 motor
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