Cobra C-2204 Long Bolt-On Prop Adapter

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Cobra C-2204 Long Bolt-On Prop Adapter

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The Bolt-on style prop adapter for the Cobra 2202, 2203 and 2204 motors replaces the stock O-ring style prop adapter that comes with these motors. It is designed for applications that require a more secure prop mounting, and when the motors are run at higher speeds on 3-cell Li-Po power. This prop adapter is designed to lock onto the keyway slot on the top of the smaller Cobra motors, and is held in place with a set-screw for secure mounting. This prop adapter allows for the use of smaller 5 or 6 inch 2-blade and 3-blade props that are popular on smaller multirotor aircraft and airplanes.

For maximum holding power and security, the prop adapter must be installed on the motor shaft so the set-screw hole lines up with the machined flat that is on the motor shaft, and a drop of blue thread-locking compound should be put on the set-screw before it is tightened down into the prop adapter. Once tightened down, the assembly should be allowed to set for 24 hours so the locking compound fully cures before the motor is used.

The prop adapter features a standard M5 x 0.8 metric thread and comes with a set-screw, prop washer and prop nut.

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What material is the prop adapter made. It appears to be molded plastic.

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