Scorpion Tribunus 12-Cell 130A ESC (SBEC)

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Tribunus 12S-130A ESC

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Following behind the larger Tribunus14-Cell, 200 and 300 Amp speed controllers, the new 12-Cell 130 amp is now available! This new generation of ESC is just what you need for your 600 size Electric Helicopter, or large scale electric airplane. With the new Tribunus series ESC's, programming has never been easier. These speed controllers can be programmed 3 different ways:

        1) With the USB V-Link II interface cable using a PC computer
        2) With an Android based phone or tablet using an OTG cable
        3) With the Mikado V-Control Radio.

The 12S-130A model features a built-in SBEC circuit that is adjustable from 5.1 to 8.3 volts, and is rated for 10 amps of continuous current with peaks of up to 20 amps! The heatsink on the top of the ESC is pre-drilled with M3 holes to fit a 30mm cooling fan. In addition to soft-start capability, the ESC features an excellent built-in internal governor, and also supports an external governor.

The input and output leads on this ESC are heavy duty, super flexible 10 AWG wire with silicone rubber insulation. The input battery leads are 140mm (5.5 inches) long, and the output motor leads are 195mm (7.7 inches) long.

For complete set-up instruction, please see the video below produced by
"Mr. High Voltage" Bobby Watts, with demo flights by Kyle Stacy.


Scorpion Tribunus 12-Cell 130 Amp ESC (SBEC) Specifications
 Weight (Without Connectors) 195 g (6.87oz)
 Max Continuous Current 130 Amps
 Peak Current (5 Sec.) 200 Amps
 Operating Voltage Range 14-52 Volts
 Li-Po Battery Range 4-12 Cells
 BEC Output Voltage 5.1V to 8.3V adjustable
 Max Continuous BEC Output 10 Amps @ 8.3 V
 Peak BEC Output 20 Amps/1s @ 8.3 V
 On Resistance 0.7 mOhms
 Size (in millimeters) 75.3 x 44.3 x 25.7
 Size (in inches) 2.96 x 1.74 x 1.01

Included in the box

1 - Diode Adapter Cable
2 - BEC Connection Cables

Additional Information and Downloads

Scorpion Tribunus 12S-130A ESC Manual

Scorpion Tribunus Data Logger Program

Driver for Scorpion V-Link-II USB Programming Cable

How to build a Tribunus ESC Telemetry/Setup cable for use with Vbar NEO

How to build a Tribunus ESC Telemetry/Setup cable for use with Jeti

Weight including packaging

Scorpion Tribunus 12S-130A ESC, Angle View

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