Xtrema Battery Balancer

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Xtrema Battery Balancer

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TME has produced the most advanced and feature rich, yet easy to use, Lithium balancer on the market today! It is the first ever balancer to feature three modes of operation; Stand Alone, PC Controlled and the long awaited Integrated Xtrema Balance Charging System.

1. STAND ALONE When plugged directly into your battery balance connector, it automatically balance up to 6s packs, has full reverse plug-in protection and supports M1 cells (A123 Systems) via a jumper option. On board STATUS LED constantly displays how much your cells are imbalanced, letting you know exactly how bad things are while the imbalance is going away! Standard 0.1” spaced square post pins plug into most popular balancer connectors (Apogee, Vampower, X-Caliber, Dualsky, Kokam and many others.) Adapters are readily available for connecting to Thunder Power, Apex and other non-standard spaced balance connectors.

2. PC CONTROLLED With the optional Xtrema Data cable (XTR-232 or XTR-USB) you can monitor individual cell voltages, run tests and customize your balancer via a PC. You will know exactly which cell has a problem and know exactly what it is doing. Another TME first! The balancer also has a 100KHz I2C interface for engineers, experimenters and OEM applications. FREE updates for life has been the hallmark of the Xtrema brand. Whenever features are added or improvements are made to the balancer, you may either send it back to TME or update it yourself as a free download on the net. Many battery test and program discharge features are presently available with more battery tests planned for the future. FREE updates are a solid investment against planned obsolescence.

To download the PC interface program for the Xtrema Balancer go to the Xtrema Balancer Software Download link.

3. INTEGRATED Xtrema BALANCE CHARGING SYSTEM Last but not least, the new balancer along with the new Xtrema Balancer Interface Module (XTR-BIM) brings fully integrated balancing to the Xtrema Lithium Charger. The optically isolated interface supports two balancers each and can be paired up to provide up to 4 optically isolated balancing connections! This means you can simultaneously balance up to 4 series or 4 parallel packs connected to separate balancers but charged as one giant pack! The isolation makes connecting balancers to your batteries worry free since there is no way to get dangerous shorts if the sequence or polarity is wrong. Yet another TME first! Together, this system brings you the most sophisticated and flexible integrated balancing system available to high end Lithium chargers on the market.

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Xtrema Battery Balancer

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