Digital Battery Meter - 6 cell

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6-Cell Digital Battery Meter

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This digital 6-cell battery meter plugs into the balance connector on your battery, and reads out the voltage of each cell in the pack, cycling through each cell every 2 seconds. This meter features the newest software that has a couple nice new features. First, it senses the number of cells in the pack and adapts itself accordingly. If you use it on a 3 cell pack, it only shows the voltage of the actual cells. It will not show cell 4 with 0.00 volts and cell 5 with 0.00 volts and cell 6 with 0.00 volts. The other nice addition is that after it goes through all the cells, it will show the voltage level of the entire pack before it starts over with cell number 1.

The input connector has a standard 2.54mm (0.100 inch) spacing, and will work with our X-Caliber batteries, or any other battery that has a balance connector with 0.100 inch pin spacing.

This meter features reverse polarity protection, so if you hook it up backwards it will not be damaged, the display will simply not light up. If this happens, just flip the connector over and try again.

The meter is powered from the first two cells in the pack, so it can be used to read 2-cell, 3-cell, 4-cell, 5-cell or 6-cell battery packs. The meter can also be used on batteries with more than 6 cells by simply plugging it in at the bottom edge of the connector to read the first 6 cells, then move it up higher on the connector as required to read the remaining cells in the pack.

The meter has an accuracy of + or - 0.02 volts per cell, and is good for checking the general condition of a battery, the balance of the individual cells, and whether the battery is charged or not.

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6-Cell Digital Battery Meter

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