BEC with 5V/6V output - 3 Amp High Voltage

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3 Amp High Voltage BEC circuit with 5V/6V output

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Switching BEC's allow for higher battery voltages than can normally be used with on-board voltage regulators. This BEC has an input voltage range of 6 volts to 42 volts DC, so it is suitable for 2-cell to 10-cell Li-Po batteries or 2-cell to 12-cell A123 batteries. The output is preset to provide 5.0 volts, and can provide up to 3 amps continuous current to power your receiver and servos.

This BEC has a pass-through connector on it you if you are only running a 4-channel receiver, you can still use the BEC by placing it in between your ESC and throttle channel on the receiver. Because the power lead is disconnected on the connector that goes to your ESC, the internal BEC in your Speed Controller gets automatically disconnected when it is plugged in so you do not have to modify your speed controller in any way.

The output level of the BEC can be set to either 5.0 volts or 6.0 volts by removing the voltage selection jumper shown in the photo below. The circuit board on the BEC measures 23 x 33 mm (0.91 x 1.30 Inches), and weighs only 13.5 grams (0.47 ounces) including all of the wires and connectors.
3 amp High Voltage BEC circuit with 5V/6V output

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