Next Level 30 Amp Multi-Rotor ESC with SimonK Firmware (350mm Leads)

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Next Level 30 Amp Multi-Rotor ESC with SimonK Firmware (350mm Leads)

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Next Level Speed Controllers are designed for use in multi-rotor type aircraft, and have all of the parameters pre-set for that purpose. This version of the Next Level 30 Amp ESC comes preloaded with the new SimonK firmware for optimal response in your Multi-Rotor model. The SimonK firmware allows use of up to 600 Hz control signal refresh rates and and provides nearly instantaneous response to command signals from your flight controller board.

This product is manufactured with approval from SimonK, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this ESC will be donated to the SimonK software development fund.

The 30 Amp model comes with pre-tinned leads on the battery side, so the wires are ready to solder to your favorite battery connector. The motor leads come with female 3.5mm bullet connectors already installed, so they are ready to plug into any motor equipped with male 3.5mm bullet connectors.

Features of the Next Level Speed Controllers include:

• Extremely low output resistance for efficient operation
• 3-stage protection: Low Voltage Cutoff, Over-Heat Protection & Signal Loss
• 3 Start Modes available: Normal, Soft and Very Soft
• Adjustable Throttle Endpoints to match virtually all transmitter models
• Smooth linear throttle operation for precise control
• High RPM capability: 210,000 (2-pole), 70,000 (6-pole), 30,000 (14 pole)

Specifications of the Next Level 30 Amp Speed Controller:

Input Voltage ..................... 6-16.8 VDC, 2-4 Li-Po cells
Output Current ................... 30 Amps Continuous, 40 Amps Burst (10 Sec.)
LBEC Output ....................... 5.0 Volts at 2 Amps
Dimensions ........................ 48 x 26 x 11 mm, 1.89 x 1.02 x 0.43 inches
Weight ............................... 26.3 grams, 0.93 ounces

Please Note: Due to the faster response rate of the SimonK firmware, you will most likely need to turn down the gains slightly in your flight controller board to prevent over-control or oscillation of your Multi-Rotor model.
Next Level 30 Amp Multi-Rotor ESC with SimonK Firmware (350mm Leads)

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