Scorpion Backup Guard

Scorpion Backup Guard

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The Scorpion Backup Guard is a tiny, lightweight, self contained, Stand-by Power System for RC Helicopters and Aircraft. It works just like a UPS back-up power supply does to keep your computer running during a power outage. In the event of a failure of your BEC circuit in your speed controller, or loss of power from your on-board battery pack, the Backup Guard kick in and provides 5 volt power to your radio receiver and servos so you can autorotate your helicopter, or dead stick your airplane, down to a safe controlled landing.

The Scorpion Backup Guard is a completely self-contained Li-Po battery and BEC circuit in one! It features a built-in 2-cell 500mah Li-Po battery, coupled with a linear 5 volt 10 amp BEC circuit and special logic circuitry that turns it on only when it is needed. The output of the Backup Guard uses a standard JR style servo plug, and the combination Charge plug/Balance port is a standard JST-XHR style connector, so the battery can be charged and balanced with any standard Li-Po charger. Best of all, the Backup Guard is very easy to use. It simply plugs into the battery port, or any unused channel on your radio receiver, and it is ready to go. Before each flight, simply flip the switch on the Backup Guard and your model is protected. A small red LED lights up to let you know the Backup Guard is armed and ready to go.

As long as your normal flight battery or BEC system puts out more than 5.0 volts, the Backup Guard waits in the stand-by mode monitoring your radio receiver voltage level. If the receiver voltage ever drops below 5.0 volts, the Backup Guard instantly switches on and restores power to your radio gear to prevent loss of control or those annoying "Brown-outs". With up to 10 amps of current available to power your radio gear, the Back-up Guard has enough power to drive all of your servos through a Brown-out event, or for a safe controlled landing in the event of a total failure of your ESC or normal receiver battery system. Think of it as an "Insurance Policy" against unnecessary and avoidable crashes!

Backup Guard Specifications

Power Source ........................... 2-cell 500mah Li-Po
Total Weight ......................... 38 grams, 1.34 ounces
Dimensions (Metric) ....................... 55 x 31 x 15 mm
Dimensions (English) ............... 2.16 x 1.22 x 0.59 in.
Output Power ........................... 5.0 Volts @ 10 Amps
Output Connector ...................................... JR Servo
Charging/Balance Connector ...................... JST-XHR

Don't forget your Backup Guard Charge Cable!

Click here to Download the Instruction Sheet for the Scorpion Backup Guard

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  1. Scorpion Battery Back-up

    by Bob on Dec 12, 2014

    Great customer care and a quality product at a minimal cost. Very simple to use. I have been using 4 of these on giant scale electric planes, for several months. Highly reccomend if you value your planes. I saved one plane when the Dean's connector solder joint broke, and disconnected the 4 cell li-po battery. When the motor stopped, I was able to land the plane without incident, using the power for the receiver from the Battery Back-up. I have only had to re-charge one unit so-far, when I forgot to turn it off after the flight. My latest purchase is to replace one unit that was lost in a crash, and to purchase one unit for a friend.
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