About Luke

Luke is one of those once in a century type of young people where you know they are destined to do something specific with their life. It's evident that Luke belongs in the sky. In fact, the Force is strong that he'll be a pilot in some capacity. This is clear when you see his FPV flying. As our youngest pilot, Luke is an aerial trailblazer for other teenagers interested in the hobby while he helps promote our fast expanding Cobra Brushless Multirotor Motor line, which he is a big proponent of.

Age: 16 years young

How long have you been in the hobby? I have been doing RC for 5 years.

How did you get started in the hobby? I have always wanted to be a pilot and saw RC on YouTube...so I found a local club and joined...my hobby went onwards and upwards form there.

What machines/equipment are you running? Patsminih Minion with cobra 2204 1960kv = powahh Patsminih prototype frame with 2208 2000kv cobras = even more powahh. Both rigs run cobra...they are reliable and produce a tonne of power...tried other motors but nothing comes close.

Recent competitions/fun-flys attended? Maddogs 7 and 8 fpv meet. Favourite place to fly = Cannock chase

Which is your favorite Scorpion/Cobra product? Cobra 2204 motors!

Contact information: YouTube / E-mail