About Patrick

When Patrick says he was born with a transmitter, you can pretty much bet he's meant to be in the sky. Patrick is our newest Cobra Sponsored Pilot but should have been one of our first. His approach to the hobby and his professionalism on the flying fields make him one of the top FPV racing pilots in the country, if not one of the best in the very near future. Expect to see 'pshaw' at the top of all the FPV leaderboards in 2015 and 2016 flying what else... Cobra.

Age: 28 years young

How long have you been in the hobby? R/C pretty much my whole life. Flying mini quads seriously for about a year.

How did you get started in the hobby? I came out of my mother holding a transmitter.

What machines/equipment are you running? I've been flying a 5" blackout pretty exclusively. It just works for me. I run the kiss escs even though they are extremely volatile. For motors I run 2204 2300kv cobras. It takes A LOT to kill these things and I haven't met anyone so far that is harder on equipment than I am :)

Recent competitions/fun-flys attended? Just got back from the drone nationals in California. Placed 5th out of 120ish so I guess that's worth mentioning ... Even though racing isn't exactly my thing it was a hell of a time and met some fantastic people out there!

Race or Freestyle? FREESTYLE. No question. Being able to take a landscape and using it in your own unique way to paint a picture is something you can't quite put into words. Ok this sounds a little weird put you get the picture (zing!)...

Seriously though, the creativity and open-endedness while flying freestyle is something that racing doesn't have... and never will.

Contact information: E-mail / YouTube 


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