About Shaun

Shaun is one of the fastest FPV flyers in the hobby. When average frames weren't quite allowing him to tear up the skies at his desired speed, he created his own custom frame called the Havoc. Shaun is extremely active in the R/C community and FPV forums keeping up with community feedback and new technologies. Continue reading below to learn a little more about our first official Cobra Brushless Motors Sponsored Pilot.

Age: 36 years young

How long have you been in the hobby? The R/C hobby in general - 18 years. The flying aspect? About nine years.

How did you get started in the hobby? I started with R/C cars and R/C helicopters. Then I found my true love for R/C: FPV quads!

What machines/equipment are you running? If I answer this I have to acknowledge just how many machines I have, but my favorite machines are my Blackout quads. Of course all of my quads run Cobra Motors too.

Recent competitions/fun-flys attended? Unfortunately, there aren't many multirotor fun-flys and/or competitions here. Good news is that a friend and I bought a multirotor lap timing system so we can soon start holding time attack events and racing. It should be lots of fun!

Which is your favorite Scorpion/Cobra product? I would have to say the [Cobra] 2204/32-1960kv motor is probably my favorite. It's a very good motor that has many applications. 5" props , 6" props, 2s/3s/4s...it just works!

Contact information: YouTube / E-mail / Vimeo