Digital Battery Meter and Low Voltage Alarm

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1 to 8 cell Digital Battery Meter and Low Voltage Alarm

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The Next Level Battery Meter and Low-Voltage Alarm is a dual purpose device that works well on aircraft, helicopters and multi-rotor models alike. First, it is an 8-cell battery meter that will read the total pack voltage, as well as give you the individual cell voltages. Unlike many other meters available today, this one will actually read a single cell battery.

In addition to functioning as a battery meter, this product is also a Low-Voltage Alarm. The alarm feature can be manually set to anything from 2.70 volts, up to 3.80 volts per cell in 0.10 volt increments by use of a programming button on the top of the meter. When any of the cells in the pack discharges to the pre-set voltage level, the alarm beepers will start sounding and a high brightness red LED will start blinking to give the user both an audible warning and a visual warning that the battery has discharged to the set level.

This alarm feature is particularly useful in multi-rotor type models where you typically fly at a rather consistent power setting throughout the flight, and do not really notice the performance dropping of with the batteries until it might be too late.
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