MOD 0.4 Pinion Gear Set, 2.5mm

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2.5mm MOD 0.4 Pinion Gear Set
This pinion gear set was designed specifically for the Scorpion HK-2206-3900 motor that is used in the Trex 250 Helicopter. Included in this Pinion Gear Kit are 3 gears, one 14-tooth, one 15-tooth and one 16-tooth. These pinion gears are the set-screw type, and also include an allen wrench that fits the set-screws.

In addition to fitting the Scorpion HK-2206-3900 motor, this Pinion Gear Set will also fit the stock Align Trex 250 motor for those of you that want to be able to fine tune the head speed of your helicopter.
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