3D Printed Motor Mount for 22-23mm motors, Stick Style with 3-Degrees of Right and Down Thrust

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3D-Printed Stick Mount for 22-23mm Motors with 3-Degrees of Right and Down Thrust

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Many smaller aircraft are designed with a 10x10mm wood or carbon fiber stick on the front of the fuselage to mount the motor to.  A lot of those aircraft, such as the GWS Slow-Stick, originally used brushed motors with gearboxes that slid onto the 10x10mm stick mount.  To upgrade these models to brushless power, you need a special type of Stick-Mount that will attach to the smaller 22mm and 23mm brushless motors and provide a way to attach the motor to the stick.  This mount is designed with the motor having 3-Degrees of Right-thrust and 3-Degrees of Down-thrust with the motor sitting above the stick.

These mounts are 3D Printed from rugged PETG plastic and come with a set of four M3 x 6mm socket head screws to attach your motor to the mount.  The hole in the side of the mount is placed to line up with the pre-drilled hole in the side of the 10x10mm carbon fiber fuselage tube that came with the later model GWS Slow-Stick aircraft.

Special Note:  The PETG plastic used to make these mounts is dimensionally stable at temperatures up to 170 degrees F (77 degrees C), which will hold up well to normal use.  If you leave your model in a hot car in the middle of summer on a sunny day, the temperatures inside can exceed these values and can cause deformation of the mount.  Treat your aircraft with the same care you would with your kids or your dog, don’t leave them locked up inside a hot car!


Specifications For 22-23mm Stick Mount

Mount Length 25mm, 0.98 Inches
Mount Weight, Including 4 Motor Mounting Screws 10.6 grams, 0.37 ounces
Motor Mounting Hole Spacing 16 x 19mm
Mount Height 41mm, 1.61 Inches
Mount Width 28mm, 1.10 Inches
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