3D Printed Mounting Clip for BadAss Renegade V2 ESC's

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3D-Printed Mounting Clip for BadAss Renegade V2 85, 105 and 125-amp ESC

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We had several requests to provide a mounting clip for our new Renegade V2 ESC's that was similar to the one that used to be included with our Renegade V1 125 and 155-amp ESC's.  This new 3D Printed part can be screwed into your aircraft airframe and solidly hold the new BadAss Renegade V2 85, 105 or 125-amp ESC's in place.

Special Note:  The PETG plastic used to make these mounts is dimensionally stable at temperatures up to 170 degrees F (77 degrees C), which will hold up well to normal use.  If you leave your model in a hot car in the middle of summer on a sunny day, the temperatures inside can exceed these values and can cause deformation of the mount.  Treat your aircraft with the same care you would with your kids or your dog, don’t leave them locked up inside a hot car!


Specifications For Renegade V2 ESC Mount

Mount Length 66mm, 2.60 Inches
Mount Width 42mm, 1.65 Inches
Mount Height 24mm, 0.94 Inches
Mount Weight, Including 4 Motor Mounting Screws 15 grams, 0.53 ounces
Mounting Hole Spacing 50 x 26mm
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