Arming Plug Cable with EC3 Connectors

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Arming Plug Cable with EC3 Connectors

Arming Plug Cables provide a convenient way of powering up your model immediately before flight and cutting power immediately after a flight without having to open the model up and remove the battery.  The Arming Cable plugs in between your Battery and ESC, and includes an arming plug with a mounting bracket that mounts in the side of your models fuselage.  When the arming plug is pulled out of the socket, no power flows from the Battery to the ESC, so the motor cannot start, even though the battery is installed in the model.  This cable is especially useful in Scale models, or models that have been converted from glow power that do not have an easily removable battery compartment cover or door.

With an Arming Cable installed, you can install your battery and plug it in and put the plane together without powering up the model.  Just before flight, the arming plug is inserted into the socket on the side of the plane, and then the plane powers up and is ready for flight.  After a flight, you can pull the arming plug out of the socket and disconnect power, making the plane safe to take back to the pits with no worries about the plane suddenly powering up if you accidently bump the throttle.

Each Arming Plug Cable includes a custom Y-Harness cable with a mounting bracket for the Arming Plug Socket, the Arming Plug Connector and a bag of hardware to attach the mounting bracket to your fuselage side. 

This Arming Plug Cable includes EC3 connectors on it for use with Batteries and Speed Controllers that have EC3 connectors installed.



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