BadAss 6230-185Kv Brushless Motor

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BadAss Motors are built from the finest materials available, and set new standards for Power, Quality and Performance that discerning modelers will appreciate. These Premium-grade motors will bring out the full flying potential of any R/C model Aircraft.

Since 2018, BadAss Power Systems have become the Go-To brand for modelers that want a High-Quality, High-Power motor. With Electric Power Systems being used in larger models, we are introducing the new 62mm series motors for larger aircraft that would normally use 35 to 80cc gas engines. These new motors feature 24 Slot Stators with 28 Magnets in the rotor assembly for higher torque and increased power handling.

Our performance charts are the most extensive and complete available anywhere. The specifications table included on each motor page is also very complete with all the information you may need to know about a motor. A full set of CAD drawings is also available for the motor, prop adapter and cross mount, allowing you to check the physical fit in your aircraft before you receive it.  With all this information, it is easy to make an informed decision and purchase the ideal power system for your model every time.

The BadAss 62mm motors provide multiple options for mounting a propeller.  Included with each motor is the standard bolt-on style prop adapter, which works for most applications, along with a 4-screw bolt-on prop adapter if you are using a larger prop and want the security of that style prop adapter. The threaded prop adapter comes with a standard hex nut and a Ny-Lock hex nut, for modelers that prefer the security of a locking style nut. Both style prop adapters have a threaded M4 x 0.7mm hole in the tip to accept a spinner cone retention screw if needed.  A full line of replacement parts is available to keep your BadAss motor in top shape for years to come.

Once you see how motor information should be presented and experience the exceptional build quality and performance of BadAss motors, you may never buy another “Mystery Motor” again. Let us show you a better way to select a power system, and we believe that you will become a BadAss Power Systems customer for life.



  • Strong N52 curved magnets rated for 150C (302F)
  • High temperature copper windings rated for 180C (356F)
  • Bolt-on threaded prop adapter included with standard and Ny-Lock nut
  • Bolt-on 4-screw prop adapter also included
  • Versatile mounting options to fit most aircraft firewalls
  • Dual Shaft Retention system with C-clip and shaft collar
  • Ribbed Flux Ring for added strength and increased cooling area

Included in the Box:

  • Motor with 6.5mm male bullet connectors installed
  • Set of three 6.5mm female bullet connectors for your ESC
  • Set of three red, black, and white heat shrink for your ESC
  • Cross Mount with 4 flat-head mounting screws
  • Bolt-on Threaded Prop Adapter with 4 hex socket head screws
  • Bolt-on 4-screw Prop Adapter with 4 hex socket head screws
  • 1 Regular Prop Nut, and 1 Nylon Locking Prop Nut


CLICK HERE for the Performance Data Chart

BadAss 6230-185Kv Specifications
Stator Diameter 62.0 mm (2.441 in)
Stator Thickness 30.0 mm (1.181 in)
Number of Stator Slots 24
Number of Magnet Poles 28
Motor Wind 9 Turn Delta
Motor Kv Value 185 RPM per Volt
No Load Current (Io) 2.03 Amps @ 22.2 Volts
Motor Resistance (Rm) per Phase 0.040 Ohms
Motor Resistance (Rm) Phase to Phase 0.027 Ohms
Maximum Continuous Current 100 Amps
Max Continuous Power (10-cell Li-Po) 3700 Watts
Max Continuous Power (12-cell Li-Po) 4440 Watts
Motor Weight 827 grams (29.17 oz.)
Outside Diameter 70.5 mm (2.776 in.)
Shaft Diameter 12.00 mm (0.472 in.)
Motor Body Length 73.0 mm (2.874 in.)
Overall Shaft Length 85 mm (3.346 in.)
Mounting Hole Dimensions 46mm x 46mm
Motor Timing 5-10 degrees
PWM Frequency 8-16 KHz



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