BadAss Bolt-on Smooth Shaft Prop Adapter for 23mm Series Motors - 3.17mm Shaft

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This is the optional bolt-on smooth prop adapter for the BadAss 23mm series motors. You can use this adapter if you would like a smooth shaft on the other side of your motor so you can use a collet stype prop adapter or folding spinner that fits a smooth 3.17mm shaft.

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On most brushless motors you normally have a choice of either a bolt-on prop adapter, or a collet style prop adapter, but not both. Bolt-on prop adapters are far more secure, and will not slide off your motor if your prop nut loosens up like a collet style prop adapter will. However, there are times when you need a smooth motor shaft sticking out the front end of the motor to install a folding prop hub, or to use an aluminum spinner that has a built-in shaft collet in the spinner backplate. In most cases, the only answer is to remove the motor shaft and flip it around, so it sticks out the front of the motor. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do without the proper tools, and you risk damaging your motor when you try to press out the shaft. For times like these, the BadAss Bolt-on Smooth Shaft Prop Adapter is the perfect solution! The Smooth Shaft Prop Adapter attaches to the front of your BadAss motor, just like the stock threaded bolt-on prop adapter, but instead of having a threaded prop shaft, it has a smooth 3.17mm diameter post sticking out that acts just like a regular motor shaft. Made from tough stainless steel, this part quickly and easily provides a way to use a collet style prop adapter, a set-screw style prop adapter, an aluminum spinner with a built-in collet style back plate or to mount an aluminum yoke to hold a set of folding propeller blades to your motor. With this part you can switch back and forth between multiple prop mounting options without ever having to disassemble your motor or move the shaft.

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