BadAss Cross Mount for 45mm Series Motors

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BadAss Cross Mount for all 62mm Motors

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This is the standard aluminum cross mount that comes in the hardware kit with all BadAss 45mm motors. The four motor mounting holes are on a standard 30mm x 30mm mounting pattern, so in addition to fitting the BadAss 45mm motors, they will also fit a variety of other 40mm to 50mm motors that use the same bolt hole pattern.  Also included with the cross mount is a set of four M4 x 0.7mm flathead machine screws for installing the mount onto the motor.

An innovative feature of the BadAss cross mounts is the way they attach to your model’s firewall. Instead of using a set of four holes with fixed spacing on the outer rim of the cross mount, the BadAss cross mounts use a set of four elongated, oval shaped holes that will fit a range of screw spacing from 56mm up to 64mm. This allows the motor mount to fit a wider range of applications and is especially useful when installing a motor onto an ARF kit that comes with blind nuts already installed in the firewall.

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