BadAss Renegade V2 Series Brushless ESC, HV 130A Opto

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BadAss Renegade V2 130-Amp HV OPTO 6 to 14-cell Speed Controller

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When BadAss Motors were designed, it was obvious that a top-notch speed controller would be needed to complete the power system package.  To this end, Innov8tive Designs partnered with ZTW, a company well known for producing high-quality products, to manufacture the BadAss Speed Controllers.  These Speed Controllers are made to our exact specifications to work flawlessly with BadAss Brushless motors and most other popular brands of brushless RC motors.  Built from the highest quality components, and using the latest manufacturing processes, these speed controllers are designed to give years of reliable, trouble-free performance.

The New BadAss Renegade Series V2 Speed Controllers are the Premium line designed to offer exceptional performance in your electric powered model.  These new ESC's feature a 32-bit Microprocessor and have multiple programming options available including the new On-The-Fly Thrust Reversing feature.  They include a machined finned aluminum heatsink for maximum heat dissipation with a molded plastic bottom and end caps.  The bottom case has 4 mounting lugs molded in that allow the ESC to be firmly bolted down to a radio tray if desired.  These ESC’s are set to be used right out of the package in most applications, but they can also be easily programmed with the optional BadAss Renegade Series 2 LCD Programmer, which is available separately.  The New V2 series Renegade OPTO ESCs come with a 30mm cooling fan, pre-installed, to help dissipate heat from the ESC.

The firmware included in the Renegade V2 Series ESC’s also allows for operation of high-speed motors.  Conventional brushless motors that use a 12-slot stator with 14 magnets can be safely run at speeds in excess of 42,000 RPM without missing a beat!  Also included is thermal protection for the ESC.  If the internal temperature of the ESC exceeds 110C (230F) the ESC will automatically reduce power to the motor to prevent the ESC from being damaged by heat.  Another great feature is the Anti-Flyaway protection.  If the throttle command signal goes away for more than 2 seconds, the ESC will shut down power to the motor and start sending a series of beep tones to the motor.  This acts as a homing beacon, allowing you to more easily find a downed aircraft.

The BadAss Renegade Series ESC’s offer a full set of programming options as shown below.  These are easily set using the optional LED Program card.  For each parameter, the factory default setting is shown in bold text.

  1. SMR (Software Motor Reversal) - Off, On
  2. Brake TypeOff, Soft, Medium or Hard
  3. Motor TimingAuto, 5 Deg., 10 Deg., 15 Deg., 20 Deg., 25 Deg. Or 30 Deg.
  4. Motor Rotation DirectionNormal or Reverse
  5. Synchronous Rectification - On, Off
  6. Battery Cell Count (14S ESC's) - AUTO, 6-cells, 8-cells, 10-cells, 12-cells or 14-cells
  7. Low Voltage Cutoff Level - Off, 2.3V, 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.2V, 3.4V, 3.6V
  8. Low Voltage Cutoff TypeReduce Power or Motor Shutdown
  9. SBEC Voltage Output – None, Opto Type
  10. Motor Acceleration - Normal, Soft
  11. Motor Start-up Power – Low, Medium, High

For those of you that do not mind the tedious and mind-numbing process of performing throttle stick programming, all the programming options and settings are available using that method.  However, we highly recommend purchasing optional BadAss LCD Program Box since you probably have better things to do with your time.

CLICK HERE for the Optional BadAss V2 LCD Programmer


BadAss Renegade V2 Series 130A HV OPTO ESC Specifications
Max Continuous Current 130A
Weight (With Leads and Fan) 205.2 grams (7.24 oz)
Dimensions (ESC Case Only) 92.0mm x 49.5mm x 33.1mm (3.63 x 1.94 x 1.30 inches)
Dimensions (Including Cooling Fan) 92.0mm x 49.5mm x 46.0mm (3.63 x 1.94 x 1.81 inches)
Battery Lead Size 10 AWG
Motor Lead Size 10 AWG
Battery Lead Length 140mm (5.50 in)
Motor Lead Length 150mm (5.91 in)
Battery Lead Connector None, Tinned Leads
Motor Lead Connectors None, Tinned Leads
Control Lead Length 300mm (12 Inches)
Number of LiPo Cells 6 to 14 Cells
Number of LiFe Cells 7 to 16 Cells
BEC Type and Rating None, OPTO Type


CLICK HERE for the ESC Manual

CLICK HERE for the LCD Programmer Manual

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