Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment with Case, 580-Piece

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580-Piece Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment with Case

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With any electric power system there is always a need to make solder connections on Motors, ESC’s, Batteries and other wiring.  To protect the solder joints, and prevent electrical shorts, a nice assortment of Heat Shrink Tubing is a “must-have” item.  This 580-Piece Heat Shrink Tubing assortment comes in a convenient divide storage case, to keep all the tubing neatly arranged and sorted.  When heated, this tubing shrinks down to half of its original diameter, for a nice tight fit around your solder joints. 

Included in the Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment are the following Quantities, Sizes and Colors.

  • 80 – 1.0mm x 38mm, Black
  • 80 – 1.5mm x 38mm, Yellow
  • 50 – 2.0mm x 38mm, Blue
  • 50 – 2.0mm x 38mm, Black
  • 30 – 2.5mm x 38mm, Black
  • 30 – 3.0mm x 38mm, Green
  • 30 – 3.0mm x 38mm, Transparent
  • 30 – 3.5mm x 38mm, Black
  • 40 – 4.0mm x 45mm, Black
  • 30 – 4.0mm x 45mm, Red
  • 30 – 5.0mm x 45mm, Black
  • 20 – 6.0mm x 45mm, Yellow
  • 20 – 8.0mm x 45mm, Red
  • 20 – 10mm x 45mm, Blue
  • 20 – 10mm x 45mm, Black
  • 20 – 10mm x 45mm, Transparent
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