Cobra 5.0mm C-Clip Kit

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Cobra 5.0mm C-Clip Kit
In order to keep your motor in top running condition, you occasionally have to take it apart for cleaning, or to install new bearings. The Cobra aircraft and multirotor are held together with a spring steel C-Clip. Every once in a while, when you are taking apart your motor, the C-Clip goes flying off, never to be seen again, or you drop it on the floor and simply cannot find it. For these times we offer the Cobra C-Clip Kits.

This kit is designed to be used with all the C-2808, C-2814, C-2820, C-2826, C-3510, C-3515, C-3520 and C-3525 aircraft motors, as well as the CM-2814, CM-2820, CM-3515 and CM-3520 multirotor motors. Each C-Clip Kit contains 5 clips in a convenient zip-lock bag. It is a good idea to keep one of these kits in your shop for each size motor, just in case you ever need one!
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