Cobra 100A ESC with 6A Switching BEC

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Cobra 100 Amp 2-6 Cell Switching Speed Controller

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Cobra Speed Controllers are designed with a relentless pursuit of exceptional product quality. These speed controllers are the perfect compliment to a Cobra Brushless motor, and they will also work with virtually any other brushless motor on the market as well. Cobra Speed Controllers are built from the best components available to provide the user with long life and trouble-free operation.

Cobra Speed Controllers are simple to program, and in most cases, they can be used right out of the package. Three of the Speed Controller parameters can be set without a programming card: Brake Mode, Battery Type, and Timing mode. The remaining parameters can be set with the optional ESC Programming Card, which is available separately.

All of the Cobra Speed Controllers come with an internal BEC circuit to power your radio receiver and servos. The 11A and 22A models come with a 5.0 volt linear BEC rated for 2 amps of current. The 33A model comes with a 5.5 volt switching type BEC rated for 3 amps of current. The 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A and 150A models come with a 5.5 volt switching BEC rated for 6 amps of current to handle the power needs of the larger digital servos.

The Cobra 40A ESC comes with a set of 3.5mm female bullet connectors already installed. These connectors match up with the ones provided on the Cobra Brushless motors as well as most other brands of brushless motors on the market today.

Maximum Speed Notice: Due to the popularity of high speed aircraft, such as pylon racers and FPV Wing Racing Aircraft, pilots are running much faster set-ups in their models. The Cobra DL+ Series Airplane ESC's are capable of running at speeds of up to 180,000 switching cycles per minute. This equates to a maximum speed of about 25,000 RPM when used with most of the Cobra brushless motors, or other brands that use 14 magnets in the flux ring. If you have a set-up that requires prop speeds in excess of 25,000 RPM, you should use one of the newer Cobra Wing Series Speed Controllers.

Note: The Cobra speed controllers do NOT ship with the programming card. This part must be purchased separately. The same programming card is used for the entire series of Cobra speed controllers so only one programming card is needed for all of your Cobra speed controllers.

Cobra Speed Controller Features

• Easy Set-up and Operation
• Basic Programming available through Throttle Stick
• Throttle Range automatically detected and set for smooth, linear throttle response
• Three different types of Low Voltage Cut-off available for Li-Po, Ni-XX or LiFe batteries
• Three different LVC levels for each cell type: 3.2, 3.0 or 2.8 Volts/cell for Li-Po batteries, 0.9, 0.8 or 0.6 Volts/cell for Ni-XX batteries and 2.8, 2.5 or 2.2 Volts/cell for Li-Fe batteries
• LVC type can be set to Hard Cut-off or Power Reduction Mode
• Three different brake levels, Hard, Medium or Off
• Three different timing modes, High, Low and Auto
• Three different Motor Acceleration Rates, High, Medium and Low
• Safe Start-Up: The ESC will not arm until the throttle is in the idle position
• Locked-Rotor Protection: If the motor is blocked so the prop cannot rotate, the ESC will automatically shut down to prevent damage
• PWM Frequency is set to 8KHz for best operation on a wide range of motors
• Over Temp Protection: Shuts down the ESC output if temperature exceeds 230F (110C)
• Auto Power Cut-off: If the throttle signal is lost for more than 3 seconds, the throttle will reduce to idle to prevent fly-aways.

Cobra 100 Amp ESC Specifications
 Weight (Without Connectors) 69.8 grams (2.46 oz)
 Max Continuous Current 100 Amps
 Burst Current rating (15s) 125 Amps
 Operating Voltage Range  6 to 26 Volts
 Number of Li-Po cells 2 to 6 cells
 Number of Ni-XX cells 6 to 20 cells
 Number of Li-Fe cells 2 to 7 cells
 Switching BEC Output 6 amps @ 5.5 Volts
 ESC Size (Inc. Caps, in mm) 72 x 33 x 14
 ESC Size (Inc. Caps, in inches) 2.83 x 1.30 x 0.55

Optional Accessories:

For full access to all the programming features of the Speed Controller, the optional Cobra ESC Programming Card is required.

For more information about this product and the rest of the Cobra Motors product line, please check out the Cobra Brushless Motors web site.
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