Cobra 6A Switching UBEC

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Cobra 6 Amp UBEC

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The Cobra 6 amp UBEC features a Switching type BEC circuit that provides 5.5 volts at up to 6 amps of current to power your receiver, servos and flight controller. The input of this BEC can take anything from 2 to 6 Li-Po cells, so it will work in a wide variety of applications.

Cobra 6 Amp UBEC Specifications
 Weight (With Connectors) 13.2 grams (0.47 oz)
 Max Continuous Current 6 Amps
 Operating Voltage Range  8 to 25 Volts
 Number of Li-Po cells 2 to 6 cells
 BEC Output 5.5 volts @ 6 Amp
 ESC Size (Inc. Caps, in mm) 38 x 21 x 10
 ESC Size (Inc. Caps, in inches) 1.50 x 0.83 x 0.39

For more information about this product and the rest of the Cobra Motors product line, please check out the Cobra Brushless Motors web site.

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