Cobra 22mm Motor Prop Hardware

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Cobra 22mm Motor Prop Hardware

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Many of the Cobra 22mm motors feature integrated prop shafts including the CM-Series 2204, 2206 and 2208 and the CP-Series 2205, 2207 and 2210 motors. When these motors are installed on smaller 180mm to 250mm FPV Racing Quads, you tend to break a lot of props and need to change them several times per day. Occasionally, while changing a prop, you will drop a prop washer, prop nut, or both into the grass, never to be seen again. For times like these we offer a pack of replacement prop washers and lock nuts.

This Cobra Prop Hardware Kit contains 4 original equipment prop washers and 4 matching lock nuts. This is a great item to keep in your tool box, just in case you ever lose one of these parts at the flying field. In addition to the Cobra brand Multirotor Motors, these prop washers and nuts will fit on any other motor that uses a 5mm prop shaft, with a standard right-hand M5 x 0.8mm thread.

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