Cobra CM-2206 Replacement Rotor Assembly

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CM-2206 Replacement Rotor
In the heat of competition, pilots will often push the edge of the envelope and end up crashing their racing quad. Unfortunately, when this happens, the rotor assembly of the motor often gets damaged. When this happens, the only good fix is to replace the entire rotor assembly. For these occasions we offer the Cobra Replacement Rotor Assemblies. These parts include the rotor housing, magnets, shaft and integrated prop adapter. A new 3mm C-Clip is also included with the rotor assembly.

Since the same rotor assembly is used on any Cobra CM-2206 motor, all 3 different Kv values are laser engraved onto the flux ring. After installation, a black permanent marker can be used to color in the unused Kv values, leaving the proper one showing.

PLEASE NOTE: Use of this part does remove the serial number from the motor, and will void any remaining warranty on the motor.

For more information about this product and the rest of the Cobra Motors product line, please check out the Cobra Brushless Motors web site.
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