Cobra ESC Programming Card

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Cobra ESC Programming Card

With the Cobra Brushless Aircraft Speed Controllers, three of the programming options can be changed with the throttle stick on your transmitter. To be able to program all of the features available on the Cobra Speed Controllers, the Cobra ESC Programming Card is required.

NOTE: The Cobra Programming Card is only for use with the Aircraft Versions of Cobra Speed Controllers. These can easily be identified by a green stripe down the center of the label, and have part numbers that start with "DL". This program card does not work with the Cobra Multirotor Speed Controllers. These can easily be identified by an all black label, and part numbers that start with "MR".

The Programming Card is very easy to use, you simply set the six programming jumpers to the desired settings, and plug the programming card into the control lead on your ESC. Then, with a motor connected to the ESC, plug in the motor battery and wait a couple seconds. After you hear the confirmation tone, unplug the battery and the programming is complete! To complete the process, unplug the Programming Card for the ESC, and plug the control lead back into the throttle channel on your radio receiver.

With the Cobra ESC Programming Card, you can access all of the programming features available in the speed controller. These features include:

• Battery Type: Three different types of battery chemistry are supported, Li-Po/Li-Ion, Ni-Cad/Ni-MH and Li-Fe/A123. (The default setting is Li-Po/Li-Ion cells)

• Cut-off Voltage Level: For each battery chemistry there are three different Low Voltage cut-off levels available, High, Medium and low. For Li-Po/Li-Ion cells 3.2, 3.0 or 2.8 volts per cell can be selected. For NiCad/Ni-MH cells 0.9, 0.8 or 0.6 volts per cell can be selected. For Li-Fe/A123 cells, 2.8, 2.5 or 2.2 volts per cell can be selected. (The default setting is the Medium setting for each battery chemistry)

• LVC Cut-off Type: When the selected Low Voltage level is reached, the ESC can be set to provide either a Hard Cut-off or a Power Reduction Mode. (The default setting is Power Reduction Mode)

• Brake Level: The Brake Level can be set to one of three levels. Hard Brake, which is used with folding type props, Medium Brake, which is used with normal props or Off, if the user desires to have the prop free-wheel when the ESC is in the idle condition. (The Default setting is Medium Brake level)

• Timing Mode: The ESC Timing can be set to one of three values, Auto to let the ESC determine the best setting for the motor that it is driving, High to get maximum power and performance from high pole count outrunner motors or Low for economical performance and use with low pole count outrunners or inrunner type motors. (The default setting is Auto Timing)

• Motor Acceleration Rate: The Motor Acceleration Rate can be set to one of three values. High is for use in planes where immediate throttle response is desired, such as 3D type aircraft. Medium is for normal sport flying to get smooth throttle transitions when power changes are made. Low is for models with very large props, or motors that are used in gearbox applications to prevent high power pulses that could strip out the gears. (The default setting is Medium Acceleration rate)

For more information about this product and the rest of the Cobra Motors product line, please check out the Cobra Brushless Motors web site.

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