Digital 60W AC Soldering Iron

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This is a 60 watt AC powered soldering iron with US 120v plug.  With 60 watts available, it delivers the power you need for larger power connectors.

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This is a 60 watt AC powered soldering iron with a standard US 120V power plug.  With 60 watts of power available, this iron delivers the power you need on those larger power connectors we often use in RC aircraft, but for the best performance we also recommend getting the optional soldering iron tips we stock for this iron.  The kit of tips will include some larger tips that make sure you get great soldering on your bigger soldering jobs that require more heat.

This digital soldering iron can run on any AC power source from 85 volts to 260 volts, so with the proper AC adapter, it can be used anywhere in the world!  The digital display can be set to read in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.  The temperature range of the iron is from 80 to 500 degrees C or from 176 to 932 F.  

This full-featured iron is settable in 1 degree increments for precise temperature control.  It also has an adjustable sleep timer that will automatically shut off the ion if it is not used for the pre-set time of between 1 and 30 minutes.  There is also a temperature compensation adjustment that allows the user to adjust the actual temperature of the tip of the iron to match the value in the digital display if they drift over time.  There is also a password protect feature that can be enabled to prevent small children from turning on the iron and posing a safety risk.

The outer barrel of the iron is easily removable to change soldering iron tips when necessary.

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