EC3-S Connector Set, 4 Male, With Solder Cups

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EC3-S Connector Set, 4 Male plus heat-shrink tubing

EC3 connectors are very popular, however, they are normally a real pain to solder and assemble!  You have to carefully solder them without getting ANY solder on the outside of the contact, and then you need an arbor press to push the contacts into the plastic shell.  Our new EC3-S connectors solve this common problem.

These top-quality EC3 plugs come pre-assembled, and feature solder cups on the back that making soldering as easy as it is with our XT60 connectors.  These connectors are suitable for power systems pulling up to 60 amps of current.

Each package contains 4 Male connectors, plus 4 pieces of black and 4 pieces of red heat-shrink tubing.



CLICK HERE for Important Tips on soldering these connectors

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