GWS 6x3, 3-Blade Propeller, Gray, Reverse Rotation

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GWS 6x3, 3-Blade Prop, Gray, Reverse Rotation
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GWS now offers 3-Blade versions of their popular DD series propellers for modelers that need a bit more ground clearance, or for those that want a more scale look on certain aircraft.

The GWS 6x3x3 prop has a 3mm center hole pre-molded, and the hub measures 11.5 mm in diameter and 6.1 mm thick. The hub can be drilled out to 1/8", 4mm or 5mm to fit your prop shaft requirements.

This prop is designed to run in the reverse rotation direction, Counter-Clockwise as viewed from behind. A normal rotation version of this prop is also available on our site.

According to the widely accepted Maximum RPM formula of 100,000/D for GWS DD series props, the 6x3 DD props should not be used over 16,667 RPM.
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