Scorpion 8mm C-Clip Kit for HK-40mm & HK-42mm Motors

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Scorpion HK-40mm C-Clip Kit

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In order to keep your motor in top running condition, you occasionally have to take it apart for cleaning, or to install new bearings. The Scorpion HK-series Helicopter Motors are held together with a spring steel C-Clip, and have a wave washer under the clip to maintain proper bearing tension. Every once in a while, when you are taking apart your motor, the C-Clip goes flying off, never to be seen again, or you drop it on the floor and simply cannot find it. For these times we offer the Scorpion C-Clip Kits.

This kit is designed to be used with all the Scorpion HK, HKII and HKIII series 4020, 4025 and 4035 motors, as well as the HK-4225 and HK-4035 motors. The kit contains four 8mm C-Clips, four 8mm wave washers and four of the set screws that are used to lock the motor shaft into place. It is a good idea to keep one of these kits in your shop for each size motor, just in case you ever need one!
HK-40mm C-Clip Kit

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