iMax Charger Temperature Sensor

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iMax Charger Temperature Sensor
The iMax Temperature sensor is designed to work with both the iMax B6 and B8 model chargers. This sensor works with the integrated software in the charger to monitor the battery temperature, and terminate the charge cycle if the battery gets hotter than the temperature selected by the user. This feature adds a degree of safety, by turning off the charger before the battery gets hot enough to cause damage.

On the B6 charger, this temperature sensor plugs directly into the charger in a port located just to the right of the power input cable as shown below.

On the Imax B8 chargers, the temperature sensor plugs into the output side of the charger, just to the right of the banana jacks as shown in this photo.

The wire lead on the iMax Temperature sensor measures 510mm (20 inches) long, so you have plenty of room to locate it on your battery pack.
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