Blue LED Light Strips (Waterproof)

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Blue LED Light Strips (Waterproof)

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These LED Light Strips are perfect for attaching to your plane or helicopter for night flying. The LED Light Strips feature a self-adhesive backing, so they can be easily mounted to the surface of your model. The LED strips can be cut into groups of 3 every or multiples of 3 LED's such as 6, 9, 12, 15 and so on. The light strips measure 0.325 inches wide (8.1mm), and each group of 3 LED's is 1.95 inches (50mm) long. Each strip, regardless of length, can be powered with a DC power source from 8 to 12 volts, so they can be run from a 2-cell or 3-cell Li-Po battery pack. The current draw for these lights is approximately 25 milliamps per foot when they are run from a 2-cell pack, and 125 milliamps per foot when run from a 3-cell Li-Po pack.

You can control the brightness of the lights with a small brushed motor speed controller that is plugged into a proportional auxiliary channel of your radio system, such as flaps.

We stock these lights in 30 foot rolls, and cut the length to order for our customers. If you order 1 LED strip of a given color, you will get a 1 foot piece. If you order 5 of the same color you will get a 5-foot piece and so on.
LED Light Strip, Blue (Waterproof)

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