Scorpion Portable USB Charger

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Scorpion Portable USB Charger

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The Scorpion Portable USB Charger converts any size 2S to 6S Li-Po battery with a JST-XH balance connector into a 5 volt USB charging port. With this device, you can charge up your phone, camera, tablet PC or any other portable device that uses a USB port for charging.

The Portable USB Charger provides up to 2 amps of charging current at 5.0 volts to rapidly charge your portable devices. The charger also features reverse voltage protection, so if you accidently plug the device into your battery balance connector backwards, no damage will occur to either the charger or your Li-Po battery.

To prevent damage to your Li-Po batteries from over-discharging them, the Portable USB Charger has 2 levels of low voltage protection. In Mode 1, the charger will shut off when any cell in the pack drops to 3.3 volts.

In Mode 2, the low-voltage protection will shut off the charger when any cell in the pack reached 3.8 volts. A third Mode turns off the low-voltage protection, and allows the USB Charger to be connected to a power supply for non-stop charging.

Other features include:

• Auto Li-Po cell count
• Auto Power On
• Output overload Protection
• Output Short-Circuit Protection

Click here to download a copy of the Scorpion Portable USB Charger User Guide 586 KB PDF File

Scorpion Portable USB Charger Specifications
 Weight  36 grams (0.25 oz)
 Power Requirements 2-6 cell Li-Po Battery
 Input Connector Type  JST-XH
 Charger Size, in mm 78 x 25 x 17
 Programmer Size, in inches 3.07 x 0.98 x 0.67

Scorpion Portable USB Charger

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