Digital Electric Wattmeter

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A good wattmeter is the most valuable tool to have for measuring performance in an electric power system. When installed in line between the battery and ESC, a wattmeter allows you to see how much current your motor is pulling, and how much power is being produced. It also allows you to do a quick check after changing to a different size prop to make sure that you are not exceeding the current ratings of your Motor or ESC.


• High visibility 2-line LCD display
• Operates from 0 to 60 volts, up to 14 Li-Po cells
• Measures Current, Voltage, Watts, Amp-Hours, Watt-Hours, Peak Amps, Minimum Voltage and Peak Current
• Can run at 50 amps continuous and up to 100 amps for 15 seconds
• Physical size: 84 x 50 x 20mm (3.3 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches) excluding lead wires

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