Thunder Power to X-Caliber 3-Cell Charge Adapter

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Thunder Power to X-Caliber 3-Cell Charge Adapter

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The X-Caliber Battery Charge Adapters allow you to charge an Thunder Power Li-Po battery with an X-Caliber type charger. The adapter converts the balance connector with 2.00mm (0.079") spacing to a plug with 2.54mm (0.100") spacing.

This balance connector adapter is designed to be used with 3-cell Li-Po batteries with a 4-pin balance connector. The adapter will also allow your batteries with a Thunder Power style connector to be charged with a charger designed for any of the following battery types: Great Planes, Horizon Hobby, Dualsky, Esky, Align, Dynam, 3E, Battery Hobby, Radical RC, Common Sense (new style V2 series), DN Power, Hi Model, Yuntong, Turborix, Hexcell, Tenergy and others with the same style connector.

These adapters can also be used to replace a damaged balance connector on any of the above listed batteries by cutting off the Thunder Power socket, and attaching the bare leads to your battery.
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