APC 7x6E Pusher Propeller

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APC 7x6 Electric Pusher, 2 Blade Propeller

APC Thin-Electric Series props offer high efficiency and great value for your electric powered models. The center hole of the prop is designed to accept a reducing bushing to fit your propeller shaft. Included with the prop are 5 bushings to fit 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm prop shafts.

The APC E-Series Pusher props are designed to turn in the opposite direction as compared to the standard E-Series props. In most cases, you can simply run the motor backwards in a pusher application, but there are some cases, such as in twin engine planes, Multi-Rotor craft or special co-axial power systems, where you need a matched pair of props with one normal rotation and one reverse rotation propeller. For these types of applications, the pusher props are perfect!

According to the widely accepted Maximum RPM formula of 145,000/D for APC E-Series props, the 7x6E pusher prop should not be used over 20,714 RPM.

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